At CustoScan we provide anti-CD19 CAR T-cell Therapy detection antibodies created by antibody specialist BioSwan Laboratories Inc. based in Shanghai China to customers in the EU and USA. BioSwan's revolutionary anti-CD19 CAR T-cell Therapy detection antibody (Rabbit Anti-Mouse FMC63 scFv) enables an industry-leading detection of 1 CD19 CAR T-cell in 100,000 PBMCs from a patient sample in a flow cytometric assay (i.e. 0.001% of limit detection).

They feature the highest sensitivity for CAR T-Cell detection currently available in the market. With their superior accuracy, precision and sensitivity they are pushing the envelope of CAR T-Therapy. Besides the ready industrial CART antibodies, customized antibody production base on the proprietary in-house antibody development platform by BioSwan Laboratories Inc. is also available.

BioSwan's detection antibodies are in use by multinational companies, life science start-ups and even Harvard University in the US.

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