Welcome to CustoScan, a leading force in the fields of Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) diagnostics and CRISPR-Cas gene-editing Single Guide RNA (sgRNA) production.

sgRNA Products:

CustoScan specializes in the provision of sgRNA products, which are central to our offerings. Our sgRNAs, with lengths varying from 17 to 170 nucleotides and even longer, are engineered for unparalleled purity, enhanced stability, and minimized cell immunogenicity. These attributes ensure their efficacy in gene editing and knockout applications, making them ideal for researchers working at the cutting edge of genetic manipulation. Synthesized by Pixel Biosciences (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., these sgRNAs utilize the innovative nMECA (new modality Enzymatic Convergent Assembly) technology in a GMP-certified facility, reflecting our commitment to quality and excellence.

CART Diagnostic Antibodies:

Distinct from our CRISPR reagents, CustoScan provides state-of-the-art CAR T-cell Therapy detection antibodies, such as the anti-CD19 or BCMA CAR T-cell Therapy detection antibodies. Developed by the antibody experts at BioSwan Laboratories Inc., these antibodies represent the pinnacle of diagnostic precision. BioSwan's flagship anti-CD19 CAR T-cell Therapy detection antibody (Rabbit Anti-Mouse FMC63 scFv) boasts the ability to detect one CD19 CAR T-cell in 100,000 PBMCs—a testament to our ultra-sensitive 0.001% detection limit. Trusted by an international roster of clients, including life science start-ups and prestigious universities like Harvard University, BioSwan's antibodies are at the forefront of enhancing the precision and effectiveness of CAR T-therapies.

At CustoScan, we are dedicated to driving scientific breakthroughs and therapeutic advancements with our meticulously crafted products. By providing both specialized sgRNAs for gene editing and highly sensitive diagnostic antibodies for CAR T-cell Therapy, we empower our clients to achieve remarkable research and clinical outcomes."

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